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Welcome to Hudson Road Automotive, proudly providing expert Automotive, EV, Hybrid and light truck repair, and maintenance services to customers of the Stow area.

Weather you own an Asian, European or American automobile you can be assured that only the best quality parts are installed on your vehicle. We are ASE Certified in Advanced Level Diagnostics, Hybrid and Electric vehicles as well. We Have owned Hybrids and EVs including Toyota prius, BMW i3 and currently own a Tesla Model S so you can be assured that whatever you drive, we are trained and equipped to service your vehicle!  Many of the parts we install are warehouse direct Original Equipment Supplier parts which mean that you get the Original equipment part at a discounted price. We also have OEM equipment and many of the exact same laptop based software that the dealers use to dignose and reprogram modules on your vehicle. We stay up to date on  the proper tools and training for our technicians.  

The Brakes we offer are some of the best quality brakes on the market and we usually offer a few options wether you want to use the lesser expensive aftermarket grade rotor or go with the High Carbon Coated rotors or even a cross drilled and slotted high performance rotor. We use the highest quality pads and stand behind our brakes for at least 2 years and 24,000 miles!

When the dealer tells you that you need that ultra expensive brake job on your late model European car, We can do that brake job with a HUGE savings using parts made in Europe and we have the capability to reset any warning lights, place the vehicles brake module and system into service mode and actuate electronic braking systems as needed. Don't pay $1000+ for your brake pads and rotors at the dealer when we can do just as good of a job, buying the same parts factory direct and saving you money! We even offer a low dust upgrade for most vehicles with excessive dusting from OEM brakes!

We also carry a full line of OEM correct fluids for your car. On your European car, we generally use Pentosin, Liqui Moly, Castrol Professional or Motul fluids and Mann or Hengst filters. We carry Valvoline and Mobil synthetic fluids and and feature AC Delco oil filters for most others. Transfer cases and gearboxes usually require an OEM exact fluid that we carry as well when needed.

At Hudson Road Automotive, We subscribe to, and have access to the same information as the dealerships have for ALL European, Asian and American automobiles Including Tesla! We also have Dealer level diagnostics and programming ability on MOST European, Asian and American cars and trucks so we can diagnose that strange electrical problem and program modules as needed! We also take the time to explain every job, and always provide you with an estimate in advance. You can be assured that our technicians have been trained to repair your vehicle - old and new alike - the very first time.

Our friendly staff invites you to schedule an appointment for your next scheduled maintenance or repair. We are a full service shop and can handle both your basic requirements and your ultimate performance needs. From Batteries, to Brakes, to Tune-ups, Diagnostics, Suspension work, factory scheduled maintenance, Tires, Timing belts, Electrical, Interior, Heating and air conditioning and anything in between! The engines and transmissions that we replace usually come with a 3 year 100k mile warranty! — let us make sure your vehicle is reliable and safe.

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Our teams of highly trained and certified technicians are here to serve you. From oil changes to complex computer diagnostics, our staff is here to do what it takes to maintain your car. We are also certified to maintain new car warranties, so you can rely on us to be your one-stop service center.

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